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We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing products to the highest possible standard, so that they can be enjoyed day after day. However, even the best products sometimes need a little love and attention, so please take a few minutes to read this information on how best to care for your cutlery.


The metal of the cutlery items is high grade stainless steel.

This material is especially suitable for cleaning in a dishwasher.

But it is fundamental that you follow the care instruction.

Blades of knives are manufactured from a more simple stainless steel due to technical demands and consequently require special care.

Your product will be used often so it is very important that you look after it with care.

Avoid scratches caused by rubbing or impact during transport or storage.

Please do not use coarse kitchen sponges or detergents with abrasive parts as those will cause scratches on the surface which will make the material vulnerable to external factors.

Please do not soak the product in water excessively.

Should you choose to clean the product in a dishwasher the following is important:

Make sure that the instructions of the dishwasher's manufacturer are closely followed (dosage of dishwasher salt and rinsing agent)

Use water temperatures of max. 40° C.

• Use mild detergents with a phosphate strength of max 5%

• Do not let food residue stick to the product for long, but give the product a quick rinse after use.

Please do not leave products made from steel or wood 1n

Place knives apart from other cutlery items in the cutlery

If your dishwasher is constructed in a manner where the cutlery is standing in a basked, make the handles point downwards.


Following these tips will ensure that you delight in the product will last for many years.

Should you have any concerns or queries about a product please contact Customer Services or call on +0086 532 86650603


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