Kaimei Housewares (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd

One of the most famous manufacturers in northern China and is specialized in designing,
manufacturing and trading of stainless steel kitchenware and tableware. 

Kaimei Housewares (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd

One of the most famous manufacturers in northern China and is specialized in designing, ​manufacturing and trading of stainless steel kitchenware and tableware. 

Company profile

Kaimei Housewares (Qingdao) Co.,Ltd is one of the most famous manufacturers in northern China and is specialized in designing, manufacturing and trading of stainless steel kitchenware and tableware. Since the company established in 1996,KAIMEI is blazing its way forward through all the difficulties and adventures nearly 25years.

Kaimei covers an area of 15000 square meters garden-style production base and more than 4000 square meters modernized office base and it is equipped with a home - style apartment building and sports entertainment facilities. There are more than 300 employees, and PLM system is adopted for the comprehensive tracking of R & D projects. KAIMEI has applied for the appearance, utility model and other patents. The trademark “KAIMEI” has been registered in the EU, Russia, America, South Korea and Japan. 


Under the test of the fierce market environment, KAIMEI continues to reform and innovate, and passes through the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO18001 management system certification and BSCI social responsibility certification. The company has accumulated rich experience in independent research and development, talent management and business management, and established a set of systematic and scientific management system, forming its own unique management style. The company adheres to the concept of "new technology leading advanced manufacturing", learning and integrating the industry and related industries, constantly introducing automated production equipment and new technologies, and gradually changing from labor-intensive enterprises to technology intensive enterprises.Industrial design and r&d departments have also developed more and more products with independent intellectual property rights,and according to the current market situation to develop hospitality products without MOQ and fast delivery, ,breaking the traditional mode of producing after receiving the order but successfully developing the new sales mode of “call on order”.

Under the mission of producing high-quality and fashion products for customers, KAIMEI strive to become the pioneer of Chinese tableware industry and leader of the national brand, and strive to achieve the maximization of customer value, trust and respect for employees, pay attention to learning and innovation, in order to create a model of the classic fashion tableware producer.KAIMEI combines China's preeminent tableware brand with national sentiment and European technology. Adhering to the concept of producing high-quality tableware nearly 25 years, combined with the advanced manufacturing techniques of domestic and foreign cooking products, we are still pursuing the fashion trend while continuing the traditional classic beauty.

Brand Story

Brand Story

KAIMEI--Superior flatware & kitchenware brand of China. It combined technique with national spirit. We adhering to the concept of producing high-qualitytableware&kitchenware for 25 years. We take advanced manufacturing techniques and automations.Our technique keeps the traditional classical beauty,at the same time,we chasing the pace of fashion.

LOGO image is the lion reaching victory banner in the wind. In the western culture, the lion represents brave and generous,authority and power.This is in line with KAIMEI features.

We are not fear in the face of hardship . We are not stingy in front of friends . We have prestige in front of customers. We have the power in front of the employees .Up to now, KAIMEI has become a high quality manufacturer & exporter of flatware & kitchenware in China.

In the future,KAIMEI will develop and grow together with our customers and partners!

We listed in NEW OTCBB and became a public company in Aug 2017,Stock abbreviation: Kaimei Housewares;Stock code: 871844.

Culture Strategy

Enterprise mission
Providing the high-quality and fashion kitchenware
& tableware for public.
Enterprise vision
Devoted to become the manufacturer and exporter of high-
quality kitchenware & tableware.
Enterprise motto
Passion, responsibility, enterprising, integrity,

Culture Strategy

Enterprise core value
We strive to maximize customer value;
We trust and respect our employees and help them grow;
We pursue outstanding achievements;
We pay attention to learning and innovation;
We advocate dedication and dedication;
We insist on honesty and integrity.;
We rely on team spirit to reach common goal!

Business philosophy of KAIMEI
Based on advanced manufacture,driven by develop-
ment and innovation,targeting to meet customers'
demand,prospecting for brand marketing;to be refin-
ed and stronger, to keep honest and steady, to get long-
term development,to become superior kitchenware& tableware
manufacturer and exporter.


  • 05-27

    We hereby announce with great pleasure, that our brand Kaimei is being upgraded, and we invited mr.Yu Zhen, a famous movie star, to become our brand ambassador in May 2021.
  • 05-27

    According to the economic situation ai home and abroad,open network sales channels.
  • 05-27

    We expanded our warehouse space, designed and built new exhibition hall, indicates that we enter a new starting point.
  • 05-27

    We adjusted our sales strategy, to attract the investment from all over China.
  • 05-27

    We listed in Beijing OTC (Over the Counter) Market, Company: Kaimei Housewares; Code: 871844.
  • 05-27

    We listed in Blue Ocean Market, Company: Qingdao Kaimei; Code: 800172.
  • 05-27

    We registered our brand KAIMEI in EU, Russia, USA, Korea, Japan etc; passed ISO And BSCI audit, and KAIMEI brand was rated Shandong Famous Brand; we also received a few industrial designing awards.
  • 05-27

    We started to sell Kaimei-branded items in Chinese market, the main items are Kitchenware, cookware, flatware and kitchen utensils.
  • 05-27

    Our Qingdao factory started the production; and we moved the headquarter to Qingdao in the same year.
  • 05-27

    We bought the new factory land in Qingdao, and began to build the new production base.
  • 05-27

    We built our 1st flatware factory in Weihai City.
  • 05-27

    We created our business in beautiful coastal city—Weihai.

Qualification Certification

Qualification Certification
Qualification Certification

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